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The services offered by INSURTE are subject to the General Conditions of Use listed below.

Access to and use of the site means that you accept its terms without reservation. Your agreement on its content results from this consultation without you having to affix your handwritten signature on any document. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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With regard to transactions undertaken on websites hosted in France, the virtual space constituted by the web pages of the sites is deemed to be located in France and the subscriptions made there are therefore located in France. 

INSURTE offers an online panel of travel insurance all compliant especially with Schengen visa requirements “Regulation (EC) No 810/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 July 2009”

INSURTE bases its proposals on a sufficient analysis of the products offered on the market, allowing Customers a choice most suited to their needs.

The entire purchasing process is online, including your consent. You will not receive a paper version. You must have a valid email and valid payment method with an account sufficiently funded for payment. You certify that you are legally capable of contracting.

INSURTE has no financial ties or any exclusive relationship with an insurance company.

INSURTE works mainly  with 3 Insurers:


AWP P&C  SA with capital of EUR 17,287,285 – 519 490 080 RCS Bobigny (France),

Headquartered: 7 rue Dora Maar 93400 Saint-Ouen (France) – Governed by the French  Insurance Code.

Subject to the control of the French Prudential and Resolution Supervisory Authority (ACPR), located at 4 Place de Budapest, CS 92459, 75436 Paris Cedex 09, (France).

AXA Assistance


A Belgian-law limited company with a capital of EUR 11,702,613 Euros, a non-life insurance company licensed by the National Bank of Belgium (0487),

The registered office is located at 166 Avenue Louise – 1050 Ixelles – Brussels-Capital (Belgium), 

Considered through its French branch governed by the French Insurance Code, registered with the Register of Business and Companies of Nanterre (France) under number 316 136 500, located at 6 rue André Gide – 92320 Chatillon (France), a company acting under the brand name AXA Assistance.

Inter Partner Assistance, as a Belgian-law insurance company, is subject to the prudential supervision of the National Bank of Belgium, located at Boulevard de Berlaimont 14 – 1000 Brussels (Belgium) – VAT BE 0203.201.340 – RPM Brussels ( The French branch of INTER PARTNER Assistance is subject to the control of the French Prudential and Resolution Supervisory Authority (ACPR), located at 4 Place de Budapest, CS 92459, 75436 Paris Cedex 09 (France).

EUROP Assistance

EUROP ASSISTANCE S.A., a French limited company governed by the French Insurance Code, headquartered at 1, promenade de la Bonnette, 92230 Gennevilliers, France, with a share capital of EUR 46 926 941 registered at the register of trade and companies of Nanterre under the number 451 366 405. EUROP ASSISTANCE S.A. is regulated by the French supervision authority (ACPR), 4 Place de Budapest, CS 92459, 75436 Paris Cedex 09, France.

Underwriting this insurance Policy through its Irish branch EUROP ASSISTANCE S.A. IRISH BRANCH, whose principal place of business is Ground Floor, Central Quay, Block B, Riverside IV, SJRQ, Dublin 2, DO2 RR77, Ireland and registered with the Irish Companies Registration Office under number 907089. The Irish branch operates in accordance with the Code of Conduct for Insurance Undertakings (code of ethics for insurance companies) released by the Central Bank of Ireland, it is Registered in the Republic of Ireland under number 907089 and is acting as Insurer under the freedom of services regime.


The 3 insurers are presented in quality of the 3 leaders in medical assistance in the world related to the turnover and/or files processed per year.

The 3 insurers are not the only ones to offer travel insurance and in no case does this represent a form of exhaustiveness.

INSURTE is remunerated by an included commission in the insurance premium when the contract is concluded:

  • INSURTE received a commission over the last financial year from AXA Assistance (INTER PARTNER Assistance), which represents more than 33% of our turnover. 
  • This in no way guides the presentation of options.

INSURTE can work with introducers who have remuneration for this introduction.

INSURTE is a distributor of insurance contracts and offers its prospects and/or customers to subscribe to them.

To present the different available options INSURTE needs personal information about the prospect travelers (for more information on the protection of personal data and cookies, please go to the Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy sections).

The options available depend on different criteria (age, country of departure, nationality, country of arrival, etc.).

You agree to answer all questions completely and accurately and not to impersonate another person.

Any non-disclosure or misrepresentation concerning the elements of risk known to the Policyholder exposes her/him to the penalties provided by the French Insurance Code, namely: reduction of indemnities or nullity of the Subscription to the Policy (Articles L. 113-8 and L.113-9 of the French Insurance Code). Any non-disclosure or misrepresentation concerning the elements of the claim known to the Policyholder, exposes her/him, in case of bad faith, to the following sanction: nullity of the Subscription to the Policy, with paid premiums, then remaining the property of the insurer.

Insurte is not responsible for errors, omissions, inaccuracies that may be made in the information provided by the User. Insurte reserves the right to request any supporting documents relating to these elements and possibly to suspend the service for the time necessary to provide these supporting documents.

The presentation of the results among available options is in the function of the price from least expensive to most expensive.

Only part of the guarantees and information are presented for simplicity of understanding. The Guarantees and information presented are among the most important.

If the Guarantees are crossed it means that they are not integrated. 

You can have messages like the best sales, low prices, etc. They are present for information on concrete data.

In the Results you can download for each insurer and options the Pre-contractual information notice, the IPID and Terms & Conditions for obtaining all information before your choice:

The price is important but not only. Please select the plan that suits you and your travel needs and specifics.

The information provided by INSURTE is for information only and does not exempt the User from the further and personalized analysis.

Our one trip options prices are per day and per traveler with a minimum of 7 days:

  • ALLIANZ Travel
    • Serenity: €7/day/traveler
  • AXA Assistance
    • Silver: €4,25/day/traveler
    • Gold: €6,35/day/traveler
  • EUROP Assistance 
    • Essential: €3/day/traveler
    • Essential Plus: €5/day/traveler

Our multi-trips (max 120 days per trip) option price is per year and per traveler:

  • AXA Assistance
    • Platinium: €350/year/traveler

Platinium option is offered with or without automatic annual renewal.

The modification of the premiums is the sole decision of the Broker.

All prices, payments, and reimbursements within the framework of the subscription or a claim are always in euros based on the exchange rate in force on that date. Any exchange-related costs and bank charges will remain at the expense of the Insured.

In case of payment refusal, we can try to collect the payment several times.

All options are not available for all travelers.

You can insure a maximum of 10 beneficiaries in a single contract.

When processing your contract, you must accept this declaration:

You declare that you have read, prior to any agreement, the pre-contractual information notice, the insurance product information document (IPID), and the Terms & Conditions. You agree that the entire purchasing process is online, including your consent and that you will not receive a paper version. You recognize that the guarantees, as described in the Terms & Conditions, constitute a solution adapted to your needs and requirements. You thus agree to take out the Visa travel Insurance Contract and to authorize the processing of your personal data.

It has the same value between the parties as a handwritten signature.

The computerized registers are kept in computer systems as proof of communications between the parties.

To buy and pay you must be of legal age and legally capable of contracting.

A third party can purchase or pay.

Payments are powered by Stripe for bank cards and wallets:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Discover
  • Diners Club 
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Alipay

If your payment does not work, please contact your bank and retry your purchase on the site.

In case of effective payment you receive your contract, the pre-contractual notice, the IPID, the Terms & Conditions, and the Receipt:

  • For one trip options: On the confirmation page and by email
  • For multi-trips option: By email

If you don’t receive please check your spams.

For any questions, you can contact us by email at or by the forms on the site or by chat.

If our agents are offline on the chat, you can send us a ticket and receive the response later.

The site is available in different languages but potentially not all the processes and documents.

We use a professional translation, but some slight differences may appear between languages.

INSURTE cannot assert or guarantee that the information available on its website is exhaustive.

You are informed that despite all the care and diligence, the information and the results are likely to contain errors or approximations.

We present the opinions of some of our customers on the site by choosing different situations to inform and maintain anonymity.

Procedure in case of disputes: 

If you are not satisfied with our services, you can contact in the first step our customer service at the following address:

If you don’t have the result/response needed you can make a complaint against our service:

  • By email  to us at
  • By post to us: INSURTE – Claims Department – 5 Ter Rue du magasin à Poudre – 14000 CAEN – France

We will send you an acknowledgment of receipt of your complaint within 10 days from the date of receipt of your correspondence by our services. 

Your request will be processed as soon as possible, and in any case within a maximum of 2 months from the date of receipt of your request by our services.

If your complaint is not directly related to our services (concerning a claim for example), we invite you to contact our Insurers directly by following the indications contained on its Terms & Conditions: 

INSURTE does not intervene in the management or settlement of disputes between you and the Insurer.

If you are not satisfied with the processing of your request by INSURTE you can also make a complaint on the European online dispute resolution platform available at the following address:

You can also contact the French Prudential and Resolution Supervisory Authority (ACPR), located at 4 Place de Budapest, CS 92459, 75436 Paris Cedex 09 (France) which is the French supervisory body for insurance

You can have a right of renunciation. All the provisions relating to the right of renunciation are present in the Terms and Conditions:

In case of visa refusal, you have 14 days from the official notification to request your cancellation and refund by email (please attach the official proof of refusal from the Consulate/Embassy):

In all cases of medical incident, your Insurer must be informed in advance by telephone 24/7 and have given its express agreement for any request of assistance (check your contract to have the name of your Insurer):

  • ALLIANZ Travel: + 33 1 42 99 02 02
  • AXA Assistance : + 33 1 55 92 19 05
  • EUROP Assistance: +33 1 86 99 56 28

Consulates and embassies can check the validity of INSURTE travel insurance using the forms on the website or by email:

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is informative and not exhaustive. It does not replace: 

Please check the answer to your questions by different searches on different media and websites.

The About Us page present quickly INSURTE and we are talking about:

  • The visa travel insurance specialist in the world because of our knowledge, our visa travel insurance dedicate solution with the presence of the 3 leaders in medical assistance in the world is unique
  • 10 years of experience because INSURTE was created in 2010
  • 5 continents because our solutions are available for travelers from the 5 continents
  • protect tens of thousands of travelers because it’s the reality since our creation
  • we have been working with the different insurers since different durations
  • the 3 insurers are presented in quality of the 3 leaders in medical assistance in the world related to the turnover and/or files processed per year
  • the dream team is made up INSURTE’s, the Insurers and all Partners
  • 365 trees planted per year because we began in 2020 this operation with Reforestation

We reserve the right to modify, at our sole discretion and without notice, the Terms of Services and all the sites. In this case, the new version will be published on the website. After entry into force of the modifications, a renewed use of the site will confirm that you accept these new conditions.

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INSURTE cannot guarantee the availability of the site and services or performance in terms of response time or quality.

INSURTE may interrupt the site or part of the services at any time without notice, all without the right to compensation.

No technical assistance is planned for the user.

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Watch out for phishing! Phishing is a scam consisting of usurping the identity of a trustworthy third party in order to obtain confidential data, in particular banking data, in order to make fraudulent use of it. In case of doubt or questions, contact INSURTE:

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